Jean-Pierre FOURCADE, Chairman of the board of la Brasserie de Tahiti and Emile’s MARTIN Great grand-son remembers the smell of hop when he was a schoolboy, but also when he arrived at the head of the family business in December 1992. He talks about the future and the next 100 years.

« I arrived at la Brasserie de Tahiti on December 10th 1992. These last 22 years went fast. We’ve done a lot of work, we’ve overcame a lot of difficulties but most of all we’ve had a lot of good times. »

« I was running from school, my schoolbag under my arm to meet my dad at the brewery »

« I went to the brothers’ school all my school years, located a few meters away from the brewery. In the whole neighborhood there were some days a smell of hop in the air. At 4 o’clock I was running from school, my schoolbag under my arm to meet my dad at the brewery. I remember Jimmy Estall, a very impressive man, Yves Martin my uncle, Robert Ledoux the brewer at the time, and other people, who would gather at the end of day with my father. They were talking about the day’s work and the perspectives of the weeks to come. »


« I had the feeling to be a part of the beer production »

« When I was visiting the brewery, the cellar workers would let me inside these huge cold rooms. There were enormous tanks and it was dreadfully cold. I had the feeling to be a part of the beer production. When the soda plant was put into action, sometimes I was given a bottle of Coke or Fanta. It was full happiness for the day. »

« I wanted to bring technical progress and more comfort for employees »

« When I was named Chairman of the board on December 10th 1992, I faced an industrial company that I did not know well or poorly.
I went touring all the industrial units within the company. My goal was to renew the plant, to improve and bring technical progress and more comfort for employees. The acquisition of “Eau Royale” and “Jus de fruits de Moorea” has allowed to increase and diversify our portfolio of products. Then we’ve undertaken to improve our commercial trade, to boost our customer relationship and bring our production to the best quality. »

« People working for the brewery have this spark »

« This anniversary is an important date. Few companies have been through a century of history. We must be proud and stay humble. These 100 years of “Brasserie de Tahiti”, is a 100 years of passion, but also difficulty. It has not been a long quiet river. I don’t forget all employees who have worked within the company and whose work has allowed us to be today in the top ten companies of the country. Tomorrow “Brasserie de Tahiti” will be an remarkable company, even better than today. It will have a great future. People working for the brewery have this spark, this will power, this dynamism to get there. Today, “Brasserie de Tahiti” has astounding resources: skilled and motivated employees, who love their company, our know-how, our fame, our great brand portfolio, our market shares, our rigorous management, our commitments and our constant investments. All these assets will allow the brewery to celebrate its bicentennial.The future of our company is being created every day by everyone’s work and the energy we put into it. All is in place so that the brewery can celebrate its 200 years in 2114. »