Plastiserd Tahiti

Plastiserd Tahiti

It is specialized in the manufacturing and distributing of packagings and various plastic products.
Also to contribute to the development of the pearl industry, essential for the economy in French Polynesia, it has developed a range of ropes and buoys.
Plastiserd is certified ISO 9001 sign of the quality of its products and services.

2022 Turnover: $22.3 M US
2022 workforce: 92 employees

 Tahiti Sign

Plastiserd subsidiary since 2007

Tahiti sign (previously called Atelier Alain created in 1965) is specialized in digital printings and the making of signs for brands, products, names and logos of companies on any base (awnings, fabrics, textiles, posters, cars, stickers etc…). It can also cut or engrave trophies, car plates, displays and advertizing products on various supports (wood, Plexiglas, glass…).

2022 Turnover: $3,27 M US
2022 workforce: 18 employees

 Tahiti Access

A new Plastiserd subsidiary since 2014

It specializes in automatic gates (FAAC) and fencing and also automatic shutters and awnings (Fentafence) and sails (Corradi).

2022 Turnover: $2,9 M US
2022 workforce: 22 employees

Polynésie Froid

Polynésie Froid, a subsidiary company, is specialized in installing and keeping cold systems running in two key sectors: buildings and cars. It designs cold rooms, refrigerated trucks and keeps air conditioning running in cars.

2022 Turnover : $2 M US

2022 workforce : 13 employees