Hinano Amber, “a beer of character!”

One of Hinano’s varieties of beer, Hinano Amber is a unique beer combining quality, freshness and innovation. With its specific manufacturing process, Hinano Amber is the right balance between refined and full-bodied taste but also offers a vibrant gradual color blend of yellow, ochre, and red. Aromatic hops used in the brewing method strengthen the taste complexity and leave a delicate aftertaste of freshness. Its finesse and unique taste come from the longer maturing period of the beer. It contains 5.5%  alcohol/volume.

Hinano Amber can be enjoyed in 33cl glass bottles and draught.


The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, drink responsibly.

HINANO GOLD, « A Rich And Subtle Taste »

This special beer has been launched for the 100th anniversary of the Brasserie de Tahiti.

It is brewed with different malts, some roasted, that give its golden hue- and also where its name comes from.

The selection of hops and the best yeast gives it a light aromatic bitterness as well as a fruity scent, which is the result of fermentation in horizontal tanks. The time of maturation will give it its final shine and clarity.

Hinano gold is a special beer at 6% of alcohol per volume and is available in bottles or cans of 33cl.


The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, drink responsibly.

HINANO, “ The Tahitian Beer”

First brewed in 1955, HINANO has held a special place in the heart of Polynesians.

The “vahine” (which means “woman” in Tahitian) has evolved to become a strong Tahitian symbol and is now part of Polynesian heritage. Always seeking new challenges, Hinano has achieved international recognition and has enticed new consumers who like to enjoy quality beer from the island of Tahiti.

Hinano is a light, golden color beer with 5% alcohol content, it can be found in returnable or lost glass bottles of 33cl and 50cl, in 33cl and 50cl cans and in 20L kegs for draft beer in the CHR sector - Coffee Shop Hotel Restaurant.


The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, drink responsibly.


A beer intensely refreshing !
Most recent creation of the brewery, Hinano Blanche is a beer with a low level of bitterness, with 4.5% alcohol content. At first sight, our beer reveals a color naturally cloudy (unfiltered), with citrus fruit and coriander notes, crowned by a creamy foam.
Beer lovers will be satisfied by its pleasant feeling of freshness!

It is available in 330ml cans and bottles and on tap.

The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, drink responsibly.


Hinano IPA (India Pale Ale) is a strongly hopped beer, with intense aromas and pronounced bitterness. Hinano IPA contains 6% of alcohol per volume and is available in a 33cl bottle.

This new beer adds a new product to our Hinano range of Hinano blonde (1955), amber (2011), gold (2014) and white (2019).


A little history: What is an IPA beer?

"IPA" stands for "India Pale Ale". These beers refer to the Pales Ales sent to India during the possession of the British Empire. The first beers are produced from the 18th century. As the boat trip to these colonies lasted several months, the alcohol content and the hop volume were higher, in order to guarantee the preservation of the taste qualities. Today, IPA beers are characterized by strong hop flavors and moderate alcohol content. Bitterness levels can vary from brand to brand, depending on the proportions of malt and hops.