Quality / Security


To assure a high level of quality to its customer, “Brasserie de Tahiti” has put into place a control of quality with the technical backing of Heineken and Coca-cola.

The quality of our products is constantly checked with micro-biological, physico-chemical and organoleptic tests made by the laboratory during all steps of processing and bottling and on the drinks ready to be commercialized.

Checking is also made by official laboratories like the CHSP (health center) and French laboratories.


“Brasserie de Tahiti” is certified by ISO 9001 since 2007 and ISO 22 000 since 2009 for its manufacturing and distribution of beverages.

These international ratings guarantee that our system allows:

To improve the satisfaction of our clients.
To guarantee the safety of our beverages.
To improve the company’s performances.

In addition for the certification ISO 22000, also certified by FSSSC 22000 gained in the production of fizzy drinks, water and juices. It shows that our products are made with good practices and are safe.


Aware of its responsibilities,” Brasserie de Tahiti” has identified and integrated problems linked to:

health and security on the workplace:

– by identifying risks to which employees can be confronted to,
– by putting into action preventive steps in respect with the law.

This action plan expects our staff to be participating to it, with its knowledge of the field but also experts from our company or from outside the company (CPS, local health bodies or doctors).

to the environment: by measuring the impact of our activities on the environment and by implementing measures suited to reduced them.

Many projects and actions have been initiated in this field and especially towards reducing the consumption of energy and the plan to protect the water level of the Punaruu valley.