Okipik is a carbonated spring water produced locally, slightly mineralized, very sparkling, and with a neutral taste to sparkle with pleasure. Okipik is available in 1L25 plastic bottle format and in 355ml can.

San Benedetto, Plate

San Benedetto

D’origine italienne, San Benedetto existe en gamme gazeuse et plate.


La nouvelle ligne eau plate de San Benedetto est une eau minérale naturelle faiblement minéralisée, avec une composition minérale à 428mg/L (résidu sec à 180°C), dont 50,3 mg/L de calcium et 30,8 mg/L de magnésium.

Elle est disponible en bouteille plastique de 50cl et 1,5L, et en bouteille verre de 1L.

Big One

Big One

Practical and economical with its 5L content, Big One is low mineral spring water suiting to whole family consumption for any occasion.


O’Tahiti, « Simply Tahiti »

Launched in 2006, O’Tahiti is the Tahitian premium water symbolized through the sleek design of its translucent bottle, the elegance of the “vahine” (woman in Tahitian) and the beauty of our island. Its name itself evokes dream and a paradise where it feels good to live.


O’Tahiti is available in plastic bottles of 50cl and 1L.

San Benedetto

San Benedetto

From Italy, San Benedetto exists in still or sparkling water.

The sparkling San Benedetto is a natural mineral water slightly carbonated and well-balanced with minerals and micro-nutrients.

It finds its place on the table during meals to help the digestive process.


It is available in glass bottles of 75cl and 25cl.


The new still San Benedetto is a natural mineral water slightly mineralized with 428mg/L of mineral contents (dry residue at 180°C) including 50,3 mg/L of calcium and 30,8 mg/L of magnesium.

Available in plastic bottle of 1,5L and in glass bottle of 1L.

Eau Royale

Eau Royale, Naturally pure

Eau Royale is a natural spring water and found its origin around 1400m and 2000m up inside the Mont Aorai in Tahiti, a protected soil site that is preserved from human activity.

Blend of rich minerals, its composition is low in mineral content, which makes it perfect for your baby’s bottle and food.

Healthy and well balanced, it is ideal for any occasion and at any age.

Eau Royale is bottled in Arue (Tahiti) with automatic and sanitized installation plants in a healthy and pure environment.

It is available in plastic bottles of 50cl or 1L or 1,5L.