Coca-Cola, No Sugar


« Coca-Cola, Taste the Feeling»


Famous refreshing drink created by the chemist John S. Pemberton in 1886.

Coca-Cola has enticed consumers and is now sold in more than 200 countries around the world. La Brasserie de Tahiti owns Coca-Cola’s license since 1959.


Coca-Cola is a brand of 4 ranges:

  • Coca-Cola, in returnable glass bottle of 285ml and 1L, cans of 355ml or plastic bottles of 50cl, 1,5L and 2L.
  • Coca-Cola Light, in cans of 355ml and plastic bottles of 1,5L.
  • Coca-Cola Zero is the intense taste of Coca-Cola without added sugar. Launched in March 2007 it is available in cans of 355ml, in returnable glass bottles of 1L, in plastic bottles of 50cl, 1,5L and 2L.
  • Coca-Cola No Sugar, the closest tasting Coca-Cola product to regular Coke, in cans of 355ml, plastic bottles of 50cl and 1,5L.
  • Coca-Cola Life, sweetened with stevia leaf extract, has 35% fewer calories and is available in cans of 355ml.

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